Our People

Bamboo firmly believes that the quality of our people determines the quality of our products and services. Our teams are composed of bright, motivated individuals who are committed to their areas of expertise and to the success of their projects.

People at Bamboo are great at what they do, and often become great at other things, too. Ours is a culture of excellence, and we support the growth of our employees through mentoring, training and certification sponsorship programs.

People at Bamboo are game-changers who seek to create high value-added products and services by leveraging their talents and insight into making a real difference.

People at Bamboo think independently and, at the same time, have great collaboration skills. We encourage individual thought because our solutions require creative problem solving. And teamwork is a part of life, because our solutions are the results of extensive collaboration between various people at Bamboo, as well as with our clients.

People at Bamboo seek challenges and don't like to be bored.  The status quo is never good enough - we are constantly improving our processes, our tools, our skills, and our depths of understanding with an aim to not only be the best, but to set new standards of excellence.

People at Bamboo have integrity. The work environment at Bamboo is one of mutual respect, and we cultivate an environment in which questions are always welcome, ideas are freely discussed, suggestions for improvement are acted upon, and a job well done is congratulated.

People at Bamboo have lives outside of Bamboo. We push ourselves to be the best, we are extremely dedicated to our work. We have families, play musical instruments, publish papers, play league soccer, obtain MBAs and take vacations.