Careers at Bamboo

Bamboo is a leader in the Chinese Software outsourcing industry. We are setting new standards for the industry and raising the profile of China as a premier source of high quality, highly skilled and high value for money services.
For us to achieve these aims we need the best people available, and offer these people not only a job, but a range of careers.

As a full service provider Bamboo is always looking for people in the following disciplines.

Sales and Marketing

Selling our range of services, not only within China but globally to our clients around the world.

Development Resources

In a full range of disciplines, from Project Managers to programmers, Business Analysts and Web Designers.

Graphic Design Skills

Bamboo employs some of the premier creative and design skills in the industry and is continuously looking for new talent.

Finance and Human Resources

The best people need to be supported and managed by the best in the industry. The support staff of Bamboo provide all the necessary infrastructure to support our staff, our projects and our clients.

Professional Growth

Working at Bamboo is more than just having a job. It is the development of your career, and of your skills, knowledge and experience. Here your dream career will be made possible. Bamboo offers an interconnected matrix of careers instead of just a vertical line. With broad width and vertical depth, talent at Bamboo get to do what they do best and what they are passionate about: to be promoted within one part of the organization or to crossover into another business unit and begin a new career trajectory.

Throughout your career at Bamboo, we help you identify opportunities for growth and success. You will be introduced to things "you're not good at" or "have never done before," and be invited to learn new things. We'll give you more responsibility than you think you're ready for, because we believe in setting ambitious goals, and in our employees' ability to meet them. We won't demand less than the best work, but we don't expect more than what's possible.

We believe that learning never stops and is necessary in order to successfully understand and implement solutions in the ever-changing technology field. Learning at Bamboo takes several shapes and forms:

· Training: products, languages, tools, processes and standards

· Mentorship with more experienced employees

· On the job learning through exposure to the latest technologies and products

· On the job learning through working in cross-functional and multi-locale teams


Check our openings regularly to see how you can join Bamboo