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Empower Your Business Operations with Bamboo Power Platform Plus Solutions
No matter you are a HR professional, front-line worker or project manager, you may want to find new way of working to improve agility and efficiency. Power Platform Plus is the digital solution to empower your daily business operations. Check out the videos below to learn how Power Apps works together with 3rd party applications to streamline your business process.
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One Inbox App & Service Request App

HR professionals usually open multiple tabs to access different email boxes to check emails and notifications from day to night. When does it end?

Many of you may encounter issues with your computer or software that has to constantly work with IT team. How to make it faster?

One Inbox App and Service Request App can help you to streamline the business process with a single app and just few clicks.

Cash Flow Management System

Physical paper copies are becoming redundant and are adding layers to the process of managing accounts.

Cash Flow Management System is the choice for front-line workers, managers, and back-end teams to submit and access documents digitally within a single platform with no piles of paper and office space occupied.

Product Approval System (PAS)

Have you been in a position where communication between yourself and your team has been difficult due to the complexity of the way information travels within a company?

This video might help you to find the answer how Product Approval System (PAS) enable unified workflow.

Power Platform Plus Overview

Review all 3 applications to understand how Power Platform Plus can empower your daily operations and business processes.

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About Bamboo

Bamboo Technologies is a premium technology and design services company, found in 1999, with 20 years of providing new technology solutions to global & local companies.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner for more than 18 years, Bamboo is a leader in delivering Microsoft Business Applications solutions through unparalleled offerings of service, support, education, and add-ons.

By synergizing Microsoft Power Platform, Dynamic 365, Customer Insights, Viva and Synapse, Bamboo delivers end to end solutions for industries like Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail and Utilities.