Raise awareness of your brand, drive sales, capture market share and ultimately grow your business with an advanced mobile application tailored to the needs of your business. Bamboo offers a wide range of mobile application development solutions designed to help you achieve your unique objectives. From general applications that consumers use daily, to enterprise applications that leverage back-end systems to device-specific applications that enhance the user experience of external smart devices, we work with you to develop the ideal solution.

General Mobile Applications

We can build any app with any combination of features and native device abilities (e.g. camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.) that is required for your business. Standardized brand-enhancing custom apps such as catalogs, interactive information apps, E-commerce apps and more can be customized for rapid rollout.
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Enterprise Mobile Applications

Put the power of your Enterprise Systems in the field, create remote access to reports and analytics or utilize mobile device features on an enterprise level to stay ahead of the competition and streamline your business.
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Device-specific Mobile Applications

Allow a customer to utilize their mobile device to access, monitor and control your connected devices either locally or remotely. Device OEMs can focus on their core competency while relying on Bamboo to create vibrant, fresh and innovative apps that leverage their unique device portfolio.
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The benefits of Mobile Applications

· Increase your visibility in the marketplace

· Engage with your customers at their convenience

· Offer fast, simply access to information about your products and services

· Increase sales by sending deals and promotions through Push notifications

· Enhance the user experience

· Build customer loyalty

· Improve internal productivity


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