Bamboo Technologies’ consultants and engineering teams have extensive experience working with such IoT technologies as:

  • Azure IoT (e.g. IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Azure Power BI)

  • AWS IoT (e.g. AWS Kinesis, AWS Firehose and AWS Quicksight)

  • As well as Open Source IoT technologies (e.g. Apache Kafka, Apache Storm, Apache Spark etc.)

Bamboo Technologies has worked with Fortune 500 companies for almost two decades, providing compliant, secure, scalable and flexible software solutions, including:
  • IoT Platform Consultancy

    • Designing a new architecture or reviewing an existing IoT architecture for e.g. scale, data security, ease of use

    • Roadmap and Migration for transition to the new system

    • Developing Proof of Concepts e.g. using Cloud solution such as Azure IoT or AWS IoT or open source technologies

    • API integration e.g. Integration to legacy systems or developing new API’s that maybe required by other systems\devices

    • Implementation (Design, Development, Testing and Deployment)

  • IoT E2E Testing (Device Testing and IoT Software testing)

  • IoT Operational Monitoring, Maintenance and Support

  • IoT Data Security – Setup or review data security vulnerability in the system

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