Today, all organizations are undergoing transformation due to the impact of Digital Technologies. Traditional organizations relying on legacy business models are facing competition from innovative technology focused businesses. This is resulting in creation of new business models and organizations need to transform into technology oriented, data driven, continuously learning companies.

Is your business stuck in the legacy world due to old technology stack?

Are you unable to innovate and create new business ideas because your IT team is not able to deliver rapidly?

Is your business getting disrupted by emerging technologies and you are not able to compete effectively?

Digital Transformation

Bamboo Digital Transformation services will solve these challenges and provide a strong foundation for your organization to thrive in the Digital World. This will accelerate your business activities, increase revenues by generating new revenue streams, streamline business processes, and create new business models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of Digital Technologies strategically.

Digital Transformation follows a well-defined methodology:

  • Evaluate legacy technologies and applications

  • Understand transformation requirements

  • Define new architecture using Cloud, Microservices, Enterprise Integration, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning

  • Use Agile/Scrum approach to create short sprints for rapid delivery

  • Leverage Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment to ensure business functionality is delivered to customers rapidly

  • Use automated tools to proactively get feedback from production environment into development stage to ensure developers can identify bugs at the time of developing and not at the time of production

  • Proactively monitor and automatically scale up/scale down the production environment to handle increased load in a cost-effective manner

  • Leverage the latest technologies provided by our partner ecosystem to ensure your transformed application will be long lasting

The result of Digital Transformation is Transformed Customer Experience resulting in Topline growth, Transformed Operational Processes resulting in optimized costs and higher profits; a Transformed Business Model resulting in new way of managing your business.

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