Cloud-based Services that Accelerate Organization’s Growth

Our cloud experts assist leading companies in developing and delivering next-generation cloud services to realize the transformative benefits of digitization.

What We Provide

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Cloud Migration

Assist businesses in optimizing operational efficiency, modernizing legacy portfolios, and expediting development cycles by leveraging 6-R strategy: Re-Host, Re-Architecture/Re-Factor, Re-Platform, Re-Purchase, Retain, and Retire.

Application Modernization

By conducting a thorough analysis of existing applications, we identify issues and inefficiencies before moving them to a new platform, potentially updating code, architecture, and infrastructure along the way. We also leverage the most advanced technologies such as microservices, containerization, serverless computing and Gen AI to help our clients stay ahead of the competition.

Data Warehouse Modernization

Our services encompass readiness assessments, technology selection sessions, data architecture evaluations, and design advisory workshops, which collectively shape a resilient Data Warehousing Strategy tailored to address specific business requirements. We have extensive expertise in cloud services across multiple major cloud providers including Alibaba Cloud, Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.

Data Migration/Modernization

Our service is designed to help our customers harness the opportunities of their data assets, which involves a thorough analysis of the existing data, identifying any issues or inconsistencies, and developing a comprehensive plan to migrate the data to a new system. This may include transforming the data into a new format or structure, cleaning up any errors or duplicates, and ensuring seamless integration with the new system.

Data Analytics with AI

We facilitate accurate predictions, generate valuable recommendations, and enhance decision-making capabilities through advanced techniques such as simulation, forecasting, visualization, data/text mining, multivariate statistics, sentiment analysis, and cluster analysis.

Bamboo’s Migration & Modernization Process

Unleashing Potential in 4 Steps



  • Evaluate legacy technologies and applications, understand transformation requirements. We’ll also look at achieving your business KPIs in the shortest amount of time.


  • Provide a list of business requirements before recommending a set of solutions tailored to your situation. Define new architecture using Cloud, Microservices, Enterprise Integration and other latest technologies.


  • Use Agile/Scrum approach to create short sprints for rapid delivery. Leverage CI/CD to ensure business functionality is delivered to customers rapidly. Use automated tools to proactively get feedback from production environment into development stage.


  • Proactively monitor and automatically scale up/scale down the production environment to handle increased load in a cost-effective manner. Leverage the latest technologies provided by our partner ecosystem to ensure your transformed application will be long lasting.

Why You Would Choose Bamboo Technologies

Expertise and Experience

Benefit from our 20+ years of experience as a leading IT service company, delivering tailored data and AI solutions with unmatched expertise.

Comprehensive Solutions

Access end-to-end services covering data collection, integration, advanced analytics, and AI algorithms to unlock your data's full potential.

Client-Centric Approach

Our client-centric approach ensures we understand your goals and challenges, delivering customized solutions and exceptional support.