Cloud Services

Bamboo Technologies Cloud Services solutions empowers your business to be value driven, reduce capital expenditures and free your resources to focus on key business initiatives.

Bamboo Cloud Services offers a comprehensive set of services to address your needs:

  • Create a cloud strategy roadmap

  • Plan and implement cloud migrations

  • Create in-cloud applications that are portable across private cloud and multiple cloud providers

  • Enhanced integration with partners, build applications

Bamboo assures all compliance and security requirements, working with our clients to provide the optimum cloud services that will allow these organizations to play its “A game”.

Cloud Consultancy

No matter what the issue, Bamboo can offer a solution:

  • What is the pace and path for your organization to adopt to the cloud?

  • What are your data security and compliance requirements and which cloud provider or strategy best meets those needs?

  • Do you need a multi-region cloud strategy?

  • Do you need to have a hybrid cloud strategy or do you need to build your own private cloud?

  • Do you have uneven spikes in workloads that you would like to offload to the cloud occasionally?

  • How do I continue harnessing the investments in my legacy application while taking advantage of new cutting-edge services from the cloud?

  • Which cloud provider best suits the need of my organization and application?

Bamboo can answer these questions with customized solutions that add value and performance to our clients’ business.

Cloud Migration

Bamboo offers turnkey and tailored solutions to cover all clients’ needs when it comes to Cloud Migration:

  • We want to move our application to the cloud and we want to have complete control over the software deployment, changes and monitoring”.

  • “We have a legacy system we want to move to the cloud to take advantage of auto scaling, high availability and eventually modernize the application to take advantage of the PaaS services offered by the cloud provider”.

  • “We have SQL on-premise database and we would like to migrate this to the cloud which service would best suit us and how do we do this with minimal effort and downtime?”

Whatever the challenge, Bamboo has a solution.

Cloud Application

  • “We would like to build a “born in the cloud” application without the overhead of managing servers or PaaS services”.

  • “We would like to keep our costs low and pay per use. We would like to build a container based application for easy portability, continuous integration and deployment”.

Bamboo helps customers address these challenges by providing the architecture solutions best suited for the cloud, whether its Server-less Architecture, Lambda Architecture, PaaS services for Realtime streaming, Machine Learning and AI services, We take advantage of the various data services in the cloud.

Infrastructure Services

  • “We would like to retire our on-premise hardware resources and host these applications in virtual machines in the cloud?”

  • “We have some servers hosted in the cloud and we have some hosted in on-premise we would like to ensure we can monitor both, manage patches and control security access using one tool”.

  • “We would like to use desktops in the cloud on-demand, for some our employees in the field with the on-premise Active Directory credentials”.

  • “We want our development and operations teams to be able to use the same interfaces and services as in the cloud but we need this to be built on-premise due to compliance”.

Bamboo’s consultants have deep expertise and experience working with multiple cloud providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and AliYun (from China).>

The Benefits of the Cloud

  • Drives economies of scale
  • Streamlines processes
  • Cuts capital costs
  • Increases accessibility
  • Reduces the need for training
  • Improves flexibility
  • Allows for rapid scaling

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