AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the future, Machine Learning is the technology that empowers the “Intelligence” based on algorithms that can learn from data without relying on rules-based programming.

With Machine Learning, businesses can build smarter solution with cognitive and prescriptive capability to manage complex and repetitive tasks such as image Classification, Speech Recognition, Fraud Detection, Anomaly Detection, Risk Prediction, Predictive Modeling and Natural Language Processing/Recognition.

However, defining whether Machine Learning is going to benefit the business isn’t such a trivial task. Tangible changes can only happen if the adoption is backed by the right strategy and implementation approach:

  • Identifying the right use cases for Machine Learning

  • Selecting the right algorithm, be supervised, unsupervised or reinforcement learning to address the problem;

  • Collecting, qualifying, and labelling training data to start finding insights;

  • Utilizing the right framework and platform, whether Tensorflow, Theano, Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services or Amazon SageMaker for faster and cost effective deployment.

We deliver AI services encompassing the full lifecycle of project from specific use case strategy, design, development and model deployment to standardize on-demand packaged deployment. Let us know how we can help.

AI Chatbot

Business now has become more data-centric and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is now fully incorporated into data analytics. Data from sources such as social media is helping enterprise utilize information to find the appropriate business value. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are the subset of AI, which we have used to build a Chatbot technology that offers a personalized customer experience. Though contextual awareness, the Chatbot becomes “smarter” in delivering content to the consumer.

Chatbot + Machine Learning (ML) = Automating the learning process

Machine learning is an algorithm that allows a Chatbot to read data, learn from it and then decide what to do with it.

To put it plainly, if you are integrating ML in a Chatbot, you are building a Chatbot that has the capability to think and determine from previous experiences.

Chatbot + Natural Language Processing (NLP) = Understanding human language

Natural language processing is the way for a computer program to interact with people in a language and format that people understand. By using NLP a Chatbot can understand what customers are saying, respond to customers in a logical manner and have the ability to perform sentiment analysis (understanding customer’s tone and intent).

Basically, NLP helps a Chatbot interpret human language, colloquial expressions and regional dialects, to understand the intent of the customer, and to better respond to customers, in an engaged, more human-like manner.

AI has become a powerful force disrupting many industries and delivering substantial economic value to early adopters of the technology. If you want to know how artificial intelligent can benefit your business model, come contact us.

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